Unmanned Systems Specialists

At Flightpath Consultants, our aim is to progress the safe integration of commercial drones in Ireland and Europe and promote the development of a sustainable UAV industry. For this, effective legal and commercial advice is critical.

As experienced Lawyers and qualified drone pilots, we can offer a unique service – legal and commercial advice, industry intelligence and tailored solutions for expanding your potential and developing your unmanned systems.

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Lawyers & Pilots

Integrating unmanned systems is both a legal and a technical challenge.

At FlightPath, we are highly experienced Lawyers and drone pilots. We specialize in unmanned Systems and can provide solutions from both perspectives



Flightpath Consultants are continuously in close contact with industry, regulatory and legislative bodies, at both a national and EU level. These continuing relationships enable us to promote our clients interests and advocate on their behalf, give the best possible chance of a successful outcome.


Industry Intelligence

The unmanned industry is fragmented and rapidly changing daily. The need for on the ground up to date insight is vital.

We work closely with public and private bodies, regulators and operators and can help you navigate this complex area and capitalize on opportunities.


Business Development

Building an effective network and executing plans takes time.

We work closely with a broad range of stakeholders in the unmanned industry and can help you find the right path.

Partners and Events

Expand your potential in unmanned systems

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